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CobiCure's mission is to cure rare and life-threatening diseases in children. Our vision is to use venture philanthropy to change the course of pediatric health. We will identify, develop, and commercialize medical technologies and solutions that address rare diseases in children.

Rare pediatric diseases sometimes have very small patient populations, that are not viewed as viable investment opportunities, resulting in significant unmet needs in the pediatric healthcare market. By leveraging a for-profit model with philanthropic investments, CobiCure will provide a viable path to commercialization of life-saving medical devices and other technological innovations.

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Who We Are

We will build an enduring not-for-profit model that reinvests into innovation for the world's most vulnerable patients while catalyzing change by creating and fostering an ecosystem of thought leaders.

We are the first not-for-profit pediatric-focused organization to offer support from ideation, through development, regulatory approval and commercialization.

CobiCure launches to change the course of pediatric healthcare

  • CobiCure's first product to help children with functional single ventricle (FSV) disorder
  • Initial collaborators include healthcare investment firm, Deerfield Management, and medtech innovator, Coridea

Read the full press release here

Access To Cure®

CobiCure is a resident of the Cure, a premier healthcare innovation campus located in New York City. Cure is a 12-story innovation hub located at 345 Park Avenue South in New York City that brings together scientists, entrepreneurs, and leading health care organizations.

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